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Providing industry-leading wellness to those that care for others  

Who We Are:  


Sustainable Caring is a community of mindfulness and mental health experts and advocates who provide wellness oriented activities, experiences, and learning opportunities for the carers and givers of the world.  


Upcoming Courses and Events



Wellness Facilitator Certification for Healthcare Professionals


Are you a professional in the health or education field and aspire to be a wellness facilitator?

This comprehensive program is designed for individuals who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of mental and emotional well being, and become certified to facilitate or teach wellness principles to individuals or within institutions.  




The Mended Cup: A virtual, year-round support community–founded by healthcare profession and serving healthcare professionals.   

The Mended Cup Community is a safe space for healthcare professionals  who are looking for creative pathways back to meaningful wellness, connection and purpose.  

Many of us would consider ourselves wounded healers. Maybe we are navigating burnout, cynicism, sleep deprivation, work-life imbalance, or grieving personal or professional losses.  

Each of these wounds create little cracks along the way, and, fracture by fracture, our shiny veneer, our perfect offerings, begin to come apart at the seams.


Sometimes this may make us feel like we are failing, or just not good enough.  

But what if those cracks, each of those unique imperfections, are actually what makes us exactly who we are meant to be as healthcare professionals? 




Gentle Grieving:  A Meditative Journey Through Loss 

The Way Through:  A Meditative Journey With Grief

sometimes the only way we can move forward is to find a way to somehow walk through the messy middle.  Such is the nature of grieving our losses.  The people, places, animals, dreams, health and things we inevitably lose along the way, can bring us to the often challenging, sometimes profound, territory of grief.  


If you happen to find yourself here, join us for three months of reflective prompts, poems, stories, meditations and community support.  

Discovering the way through is often a bit easier when we walk together. 

Please note—this group does not constitute psychiatric support or psychotherapy. 


Featured Past Event

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The Anti-Wellness Retreat

for Physicians
Redefining wellness to  

Reclaim Joy, Play, and Creativity

  • Join 600+ Physicians and Healthcare Professionals 

  • Over 11 hours of EXCLUSIVE Content

  • 21 Leading Experts 

  • By Physicians - For Physicians


Dr. John Huang, PhD


Amanda Gilbert

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