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We All Care


Who We Are:  


The Sustainable Caring Cooperative is a community of mindfulness and mental health experts and advocates who provide wellness oriented activities, experiences, and learning opportunities for the carers and givers of the world.  


For each and every one of you--whether you are a family member, educator, leader, healthcare professional, athlete, or first responder--we see you.  We understand the potential for burnout, difficulty coping, and exhaustion in the midst of trying to do good.  


Welcome to a place where you are understood and appreciated, where we care for you, so you can keep shining your light in the way that only you can.  


What We Do:


We bring creative and meaningful wellness to you, your school, or your organization.  Our offerings are based on the foundations of mindfulness, mental health, resilience, and creativity. 

Our expert teachers have been featured at:

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Learn Essential Skills

The Sustainable Series Online Course is one of our core offerings with nearly 70 modules including: Weekly lessons, guided audio meditations, and video instruction. We cover the foundations of mindfulness and self compassion, how to develop a practice that works for you, how to navigate obstacles, and how to integrate these practices into your daily life.