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Providing industry leading wellness offerings and resources 

Who We Are:  


The Sustainable Caring Cooperative is a community of mindfulness and mental health experts and advocates who provide wellness oriented activities, experiences, and learning opportunities for the carers and givers of the world.  


What We Do:


We bring creative and meaningful wellness to you, your school, or your organization.  Our offerings are based on the foundations of mindfulness, mental health, resilience, and creativity. 

The Anti-Wellness Retreat for Physicians
Redefining wellness to  Reclaim Joy, Play, and Creativity

  • Join 600+ Physicians and Healthcare Professionals 

  • Over 11 hours of EXCLUSIVE Content

  • 21 Leading Experts 

  • By Physicians - For Physicians

We are a virtual, year-round support community–founded by physicians, for physicians. 

We are here to co-cultivate a safe space for physicians who are looking for creative pathways back to meaningful wellness connection and purpose.  

Membership Includes: 


  • A monthly newsletter with practical and actionable ideas, thoughts and suggestions about how we can move towards meaningful individual and collective well-being

  • A new monthly guided meditation and journaling prompts 

  • A monthly LIVE zoom call focused on creativity, growth and connection in medicine

  • Access to Exclusive Featured Speakers

  • Free access to our recent “Anti-Wellness Summit,” featuring twenty-one experts (and over ten hours of content) speaking to all aspects of physician being.  

  • 15% discount on all Sustainable Caring workshops, courses, and retreats

  • Free submission into our internal directory (optional)

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6 Week Foundations of Buddhism
for Clinicians Course

Mindfulness and several other principles with Buddhist origins have been woven into modern day healthcare, especially in Mental Health. 

Terms like Metta (loving-kindness), Vipassana (insight), Sati (mindfulness) etc., are commonly used. DBT, CBT and other modalities are heavily influenced by core Buddhist underpinnings.

For example, The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, as outlined in the  Satipatthana Sutta  have been instrumental in providing a framework for several hybrid modalities and secular courses.

In this course we offer an introduction to the major tenets that have now become part of western healthcare.

We will dive into: 

- Origins

- Traditional uses

- How these teaching have been integrated

- Subtleties that may have been lost in translation 

Expect to learn: 

- Key Suttas (the primary text)

- Big picture- How do the pieces fit with each-other 

- The difference between religious aspect of Buddhism 

and Buddhist psychology 

-  A brief history of Buddhism in the west as it applies to healthcare

- Deepen your understanding of key elements


Dr. John Huang, PhD


Amanda Gilbert

Our expert teachers have been featured at:

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