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Carina Nickerson


Carina Nickerson, founder and creator of the Embodied Mindfulness School, Senior Embodied Mindfulness Coach and yoga teacher at Yogalution Movement, is dedicated to teaching people to decode their inner guidance and unlock their peace, passion, and purpose. She works with aspiring and current healers to help them grow the calling in their heart and natural gifts into a prosperous life they love through The Embodied Mindfulness School’s™ Apprentice Program where students become Certified Embodied Mindfulness Coaches.


She struggled with anxiety and depression for years before panic attacks drove her to healing through body-centered meditation, insight yoga, and depth psychological work with the guidance of teachers she continues to work with today. She has been married to wonderful man for the last 15 years with two beautiful kids and enjoys a peace, passion, and purpose she never thought possible. When she isn’t busy with her family she is working with her students and clients to help them clear their obstacles to the deep peace they long for. She’s been known to paint a picture or two and writes every single day.

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