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Cultivating Emotional Balance

Our emotions can lead us to our greatest joys and most painful sorrows. In their most creative capacity, they are guides pointing us towards who we truly are and what is most meaningful in our lives. At their most destructive, we are caught by them: lost in the grip of anger, sadness, fear, or overwhelm. This suffering is something we have all felt, but we can create more space, choice, and ease in the face of it.

The Cultivating Emotional Balance training was sparked during a meeting between behavioral scientists, a neuroscientist, a monk, a philosopher, and the Dalai Lama in 2000, as a new approach to understanding our emotional lives. Combining contemporary scientific research with contemplative practices drawn from Buddhism, the Cultivating Emotional Balance training gives participants new tools for working with emotion.

The full program is a 42-hour training, but in this daylong workshop you will be introduced to some of the key components of this training.
   •    Understanding how emotions work, and how they can work for and not against us;
   •    Recognizing and working with emotional triggers;
   •    Deepening awareness and stabilizing attention;
   •    Increasing compassion for the self and others;
   •    Cultivating genuine happiness and mental balance.

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