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Dr. Reena Shetty


Reena Shetty is a foreign medical graduate, currently preparing for her board exams and envisioning her ideal clinic space. With a special interest in primary care and community care models, Reena honed her skills during her medical training in India. She learned to balance ancient practices with life experience, allowing for ease and grace in teaching and promoting health.

Throughout the challenges of her medical training, Reena found solace in yoga, particularly while mastering the intricate aspects of ENT. As she transitioned from doctor to U.S. physician, creativity emerged as a vital outlet for her to relieve stress, express emotions, and share moments of rest through watercolor art.

Reena's artwork has been featured in the Earth-Prithvi edition of ABCD Yogi magazine, a collaboration aimed at uplifting the South Asian voice in yoga. Additionally, her art and words have appeared on, a collaborative blog created during the heartache of the pandemic. Physician Artists was established with the goal of encouraging physicians to use art as a means of taking a break from the daily chaos.

Reena is thrilled to be part of Sustainable Caring (, an organization that aligns with her values and vision for compassionate, community-based healthcare. She looks forward to contributing her skills and passion to their mission."

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