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Family Wellness

Caring for and building strong, supportive family relationships is what we all aspire to do. Our family dynamics often impact every part of life. Parents are raising what is being called ‘Generation Stress’ and taking care of ourselves well through the process is our best bet for giving our families what they need to navigate life’s challenges with more skill and ease. 


Modeling good mental health  and emotional resilience for children and family members is the best way to ensure future generations cultivate the mental performance skills needed to reach their highest potential. 


To this end, Sustainable Caring for Families (SCF) was created–to care for all members of the family.  Sustainable Caring for Families is a six week digital course that focuses on cultivating resilience, improving communication and supporting each other through the development of internal resource tools such as mindfulness, self compassion, and positive psychology.  


Sustainable Caring for Families was created by psychiatrist and wellness consultant Dr. Monisha Vasa, mindfulness expert Cayce Howe, and Amy Noelle, mindfulness and self-compassion expert.  Together, they will walk you through six weeks of skill building, practice, and experiential learning.  At the end, you will have indefinite access to all of the covered information (including audio recordings, readings, videos, and guided meditations) in a digital format.  


By the end of the six week course,  you will experience:  


  • Greater resilience

  • Improved tools to manage difficult family situations like divorce, blended families, new baby, new marriage, empty nesting, leaving the home etc. 

  • Improved work-family integration

  • Improved stress management

  • Greater clarity

  • Greater connection to purpose and meaning

  • Improved relationships and communication 

  • Development of a personal, sustainable mindfulness and compassion.

Team Leader,
Amy Noelle

Headshot 2.jpeg

Amy Noelle is a mindfulness instructor and mother to two tween daughters.

She is certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), and Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness and Knowledge (mPEAK) from the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.


After studying psychology at UCSD, she attended Chapman University receiving a graduate degree in physical therapy. As a physical therapist, she was able to impact physical dysfunction with manual therapy skills, but recognized that the physical body is only one piece of the puzzle for achieving true wellness and in turn, happiness.


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