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First Responders

Sustainable Caring programs have been rolled out amongst several first responder groups of firefighters, police, and military. 


First responders have struggled with significant amounts of trauma, highly stressful situations, work life balance, and coping skills. 


Sustainable Caring for First Responders was specifically designed to address such unique concerns, with a desire to support the development of a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

We are honored to serve those that serve others. 

Team Leader, David le

davidLee (1).jpg

David is a former police officer for the Los Angeles and Anaheim departments.

His currently teaching meditation and mindful movement classes at the John Henry Foundation and Phoenix House. He is a graduate of Spirit Rock’s Mindful Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, which emphasizes the cultivation of mindful movements and the capacity to meet life from moment to moment with awareness.


It weaves together into one seamless practice yoga asana and pranayama, Insight Meditation, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.


David has done extensive meditation retreat practice at Spirit Rock from 2003 until present. He holds an MS in engineering management and had worked in the aerospace and governmental agencies. David is in InsightLA’s Facilitator Training Program and MBSR Practicum.

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