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Gentle Grieving 

A Supportive Community

Join Anytime, From Anywhere

At some point in our lives, we all experience grief and loss, and yet these experiences can be some of the most difficult and isolating times we face. As mental health and mindfulness professionals, we noticed a lack of safe spaces for those who are grieving.  


We wanted to create a compassionate and healing community where individuals could join at any time.  Grief is rarely planned, and finding meaningful support when we need it most can be difficult.  That is one of the reasons individuals can join when they need, leave when they need, and take what they need along the way.  Our community allows people to move through resources in their own time, and can be a supplement to other types of healing work such as formal mental health treatment or bereavement counseling.  

We also wanted to create a space to acknowledge and name all types of grief–anticipatory loss, shadow losses, losses of function and health, dreams and wishes, jobs and roles.  


These types of losses often need a place where they can be named, reflected upon and shared, alongside the “bigger” losses of our lives.  Granting ourselves permission to experience the shapeshifting landscape of loss allows us to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of what it means to fully love,  live and let go.