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Sustainable Caring for Educators

We know that education has always been challenging, but never has it been as difficult and stressful as it has been these last two years. With unprecedented changes, demands, remote learning, and mental health challenges arising in the classroom, burnout rates are at an all time high, with more and more of our teachers questioning their chosen career’s meaning and purpose.


Preserving the mental health of our educators should be a critical priority for all of us.  


To this end, Sustainable Caring for Educators (SCE) was created–to care for the very individuals who are central to the future of our children and communities.  Sustainable Caring for Educators is a six week digital course that focuses on cultivating resilience and preventing burnout, through the development of internal resource tools such as mindfulness, self compassion, and positive psychology.  


Sustainable Caring for Educators was created by psychiatrist and wellness consultant Dr. Monisha Vasa, mindfulness expert Cayce Howe, and Christy Curtis, mindfulness and SEL educator.  Together, they will walk you through six weeks of skill building, practice, and experiential learning.  At the end, you will have indefinite access to all of the covered information (including audio recordings, readings, videos, and guided meditations) in a digital format.  


By the end of the six week course,  you will experience:  


  • Greater resilience

  • Improved tools to manage burnout

  • Improved work-life integration

  • Improved stress management

  • Greater clarity

  • Greater connection to purpose and meaning

  • Improved relationships

  • Development of a personal, sustainable meditation practice


Teachers, we hope to have the opportunity to finally support and care for you in the same way you support and care for your students.  

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