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Sustainable Caring Series

Welcome to the Sustainable Caring Series,  designed by psychiatrist Dr. Monisha Vasa, and mindfulness expert Cayce Howe. 


In these courses, we guide you through a step by step online course designed specifically to support your own wellness and resilience through the trials of caring for others.


This  six week online course focuses on development of mindfulness and compassion, especially as they pertain to burnout prevention and sustainability. 


Who is this for?


Parents, family caregivers, teachers, those struggling to find time for self-care,  and individuals with innate empathic qualities looking for inner resilience tools. 




• Greater resilience

• Learn to navigate burnout  

• Improved work life balance

• Improved stress management

• Greater clarity

• Greater connection to purpose and meaning 

• Improved relationships 

• Development of a personal, sustainable meditation practice 

How it works:  


• Entirely self paced, online course with flexibility to suit your schedule

• Multi media approach with audio, video, and written content

• Includes guided meditations throughout the course

• Community access, share and learn with others


Course Packages

Sustainable Caring Series

A six week comprehensive program intended for anyone involved in caring for others. 

6-week course



Sustainable Caring for Clinicians

Clinicians such as physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, and any other individuals involved in caring for patients or clients.

6-week course
with specialized modules and additional content for clinicians 



Sustainable Caring for Corporations and Institutions

For leaders looking to develop mindfulness and compassion in the workplace especially as they pertain to burnout prevention and sustainability.

6-week course
24/7 Support

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