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The Mended Cup: 

A Supportive Physician Community 

Join The Mended Cup Physician Community 

Monisha Vasa, M.D.

Rashmi Bismark, M.D.

Nicole Reilly, M.D.


Welcome to The Mended Cup!  


We are a virtual, year-round support community–founded by physicians, for physicians. 


We are here to co-cultivate a safe space for physicians who are looking for creative pathways back to meaningful wellness connection and purpose.  

Many of us would consider ourselves wounded healers.  Perhaps we have struggled with the trauma of medical education, training and practice.  


Maybe we are navigating burnout, cynicism, sleep deprivation, work-life imbalance, or grieving personal or professional losses.  


Each of these wounds create little cracks along the way, and, fracture by fracture, our shiny veneer, our perfect offerings, begin to come apart at the seams.  Sometimes this may make us feel like we are failing, or just not good enough.  

But what if those cracks, each of those unique imperfections, is actually what makes us exactly who we are meant to be as physicians?  


The light that comes through the cracks, and the light that we shine outwards through those same spaces, are the very human qualities that make us compassionate, empathic clinicians and colleagues.  


As we continue to practice with our wholehearted imperfection, we start to mend those cracks.  Like the Japanese art of Kintzugi, we are stronger, more beautiful, because of the brokenness, and because of the repair.  

If you are a physician looking for non-judgment, exploration, and safety, then join us here at The Mended Cup.


While we wait for the wheels of systemic change to turn, we still need to save ourselves, and each other.  


We are an easily accessible community, free of red tape, independent of any institution, and a true vehicle for re-imagining wellness in medicine.  

Please note:  This membership is only for medical students, trainees and attending physicians (MD/DO)

Membership Includes


Get free access to 11+ hours of exclusive content from our  2022 “Anti-Wellness Physician Retreat:  A Virtual Space to Reclaim Joy, Play and Creativity.”  This course features twenty-one interviews with leaders and experts from the worlds of medicine, mindfulness, creativity, yoga and activism, and focuses on a variety of approaches and philosophies to physician well-being.  



Every month, we will have the opportunity to connect live (virtually).


These monthly sessions will span everything from interviews with featured speakers, to guided journaling opportunities (you won’t want to miss these “Write to Reveal” sessions), to mindfulness and meditation talks.

We look forward to meeting you here, and having the chance to deepen our community and connection with one another.   


Welcome to your virtual library of resources curated specifically and intentionally for your wellness (no textbooks or flashcards or practice exams here…).  Take your time exploring the variety of guided meditations recorded by our team of mindfulness experts, specifically for physicians.  


New meditations will be added every month.  Here, you will also find journaling prompts to experiment with, as well as suggested readings if you are in the mood to read something supportive, hopeful or helpful.  


You will also find a variety of burnout prevention resources from the AMA, as well as details regarding the Physician Support Line, a free crisis line for physicians, and staffed by volunteer psychiatrists.

Dry Roses and Diary
“There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in.” ― Leonard Cohen (3).png


Connect with other physicians here!!


We know it can be challenging to feel a sense of community in medicine–especially if you are feeling burnout or otherwise isolated.  This directory is a resource for physicians who are oriented towards wellness, and are interested in connecting with other like minded physicians. 


This is a private directory that is not open to the public at this time.  Feel free to connect with the other physicians with similar interests, specialties, stages of training/practice, or geographic location.  After all, we are in this together.

Please note:  This membership is only for medical students, trainees and attending physicians (MD/DO)

Membership Includes: 


  • A monthly newsletter with practical and actionable ideas, thoughts and suggestions about how we can move towards meaningful individual and collective well-being

  • A new monthly guided meditation and journaling prompts 

  • A monthly LIVE zoom call focused on creativity, growth and connection in medicine

  • Access to Exclusive Featured Speakers

  • Free access to our recent “Anti-Wellness Summit,” featuring twenty-one experts (and over ten hours of content) speaking to all aspects of physician being.  

  • 15% discount on all Sustainable Caring workshops, courses, and retreats

  • Free submission into our internal directory (optional)

Pricing= $35 monthly ($25 for students and trainees)

*10% Lifetime Discount - before 1/15/23*

Use Coupon Code "firstsip-student"

Student Discount 

  • The Mended Cup

    Every month
    Students and Trainees Discount

*10% Lifetime Discount - before 1/15/23*

Use Coupon Code "firstsip"


  • The Mended Cup

    Every month
    Join our community of physicians

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