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Write to Reveal Process (WRP): Trust the Page Course

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Tuesday June 21st, 2022 from 7-8:30 PM PST, live via ZOOM.

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Tap into innate wisdom: 

We all have a storehouse of wisdom with us. Sometimes the trouble comes down to accessibility. The Write to Reveal Process was designed to unlock the gates - revealing gems hidden right beneath the surface. 

Through a mixture of meditative reflection and writing we can gain important insights into everyday obstacles and challenges. 


Join us as we unlock: 

  • Creativity

  • Intuition 

  • Inner wisdom

  • Clarity 

  • Purpose 

In this course, we will be practicing trust--trusting our words, trusting the creative process, trusting what arises, and trusting our internal wisdom.


No meditation or writing experience required.


Four weeks beginning  Tuesday June 21st from 7-8:30 PM PST, live virtual via zoom.

Class #1: Tuesday June 21st

Class #2: Tuesday June 28th

Class #3: Tuesday July 5th  

Class #4: Tuesday July 12th 

Price: $199

Write to Reveal Process (WRP)


WRP is an innovative system, designed by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and expert meditation teacher, Cayce Howe, that allows anyone to discover deeper levels of clarity and peace.  


What makes WRP unique is the “how”. We have devised a process that honors our natural analytical and creative aspects, alongside the vast storehouse of wisdom found in our meditative practices. 


It is WRP's integrative quality that leads one to a greater sense of ease, even in the midst of life’s chaos and stress.  


You no longer have to fight your thoughts, analytical mind, or creative spirit.  With WRP, we encourage you to lean into your thoughts, emotions, and words as a way to develop self awareness and understanding.  


WRP draws from a diverse and profound range of traditions, including meditation, mindfulness, language, psychology, psychiatry, spirituality, and narrative medicine.  


As you go through WRP, you will quickly realize that your greatest knowledge is already present, and lives within you.  It just hides sometimes, or we ourselves become adrift.


WRP is simply the path that guides you back home--to the grounded, yet infinite, wisdom of your own heart.   

How Does WRP Work?  


WRP is a series of seven steps that bring meditation and creativity together.  The steps are specifically designed to be easy, accessible, powerful, fun, and flexible. Some individuals walk through the practice in as short as ten minutes; others have immersed themselves through longer workshops and retreats.  


The 7 Steps :


  1. Priming the mind

  2. Storytelling

  3. Close reading

  4. Reflecting

  5. Distilling

  6. Deepening 

  7. Integration


What Are The Benefits of WRP?  


  • stress reduction

  • problem solving

  • clarity of mind

  • sense of ease

  • greater ability to be present 

  • sustainable happiness

  • increased self awareness

  • improved relationships 

  • accessing your own wisdom

  • connecting to your intuition 

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