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Write to Reveal Process

Write to Reveal Process is an innovative system, designed by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and expert meditation teacher, Cayce Howe, that allows anyone to discover deeper levels of clarity and peace.What makes InWord unique is the “how”. We have devised a process that honors our natural analytical and creative aspects, alongside the vast storehouse of wisdom found in our meditative practices.

The Write to Reveal Process's integrative quality leads one to a greater sense of ease, even in the midst of life’s chaos and stress.You no longer have to fight your thoughts, analytical mind, or creative spirit. With the InWord process, we encourage you to lean into your thoughts, emotions, and words as a way to develop self awareness and understanding.

The Write to Reveal Process draws from a diverse and profound range of traditions, including meditation, mindfulness, language, psychology, psychiatry, spirituality, and narrative medicine.


As you go through the process, you will quickly realize that your greatest knowledge is already present, and lives within you. It just hides sometimes, or we ourselves become adrift.


The Write to Reveal Process led by Cayce and Dr. Vasa is a fantastic, non-traditional approach to literature and the creative process. As a long time writer, I found this course to be enlightening in ways that you don't get with typical writing courses. This is a fantastic course that will guarantee to deepen your introspection and tap into those feelings using the power of writing. ~ BF, Writer, Musician 


Although quite out of my comfort zone, I did genuinely enjoy the write to reveal process. It was so nice exploring my mind through writing and meditating with kind, like-minded people.~ KH, Student 


"I was feeling so depleted in my work.  I was neglecting and forgetting about any of my creative energy.  This woke me up.  The write to reveal process was such a cool way to get in touch with these things I felt like I had lost. And it felt very easy in your capable and thoughtful hands. So a great big thank you!"  ~ S.W. Clinical Counselor


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